7 things only a chocolate lover would understand

It’s that time of the year

Your birthday is THE day when you do not think of added calories stocking up on your belly. You try to gulp all the chocolate that is possibly there on the planet coz people live to eat chocolates to be specific


Chocolates- your favorite pastime

Your roomie is off for a vacation with her boyfriend and all you do is watch DDLJ and EAT CHOCOLATE!


Breakup chocolate therapy

The only good thing about break up is that your friends let you eat as many chocolates as you want and they are the only rescue for your heartbreak!


How Could You?

You meet this person who says he doesn’t love chocolates and just can’t stand these! You are shocked! You fail to understand why and how anybody can hate chocolates. I mean, that was supposed to be the only gift that god ever bestowed on mankind!


Going out is easy

Going out with friends or family is easy since you exactly know where they could get nice chocolate desserts and they often give in to your choice.


So what, everybody does that, isn’t it?

Your friends know what to gift you

Your friends always give you chocolates on your birthday, your partner gifts you chocolates on Valentine’s and your family brings chocolates whenever they visit you. It is easy for them to choose gifts for you. Coz everybody knows that you love chocolates!


A bite?

Just if anybody, even your best friend asks you for a bite, this is what you feel


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