The Art of Baking the Right Bread!


Nothing can beat the aroma of home-baked bread loaf’s that takes your senses for a joyride. Baking the bread right is an art in itself where the baker can either win accolades or end up creating a disaster if the bread doesn’t deliver right.

One would surely agree that breads now have become an indispensable part of our Indian meals and is not just limited to breakfast. The availability of a variety of breads and the evolving Indian palate are responsible for this shift making breads consumable in any of our meals in the entire day.

The most common type of breads that we are used to; are the White breads available in different sizes and are found stacked up on shelf of Dairy booths and bakers in the vicinity. Here, we are not going to just talk about the regular breads and its baking method (although baking White bread is also an art) but we will try our hands on a variety of other bread forms such as French loafs, Garlic loafs, Multigrain buns and breads, whole wheat pizza bread and more.


Making any bread-form requires patience and an expertise to bake it right so that the bread is neither too hard nor too moist that it breaks.  Unlike cooking, most bread’s are made by varying the amounts of four simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, and, of course, yeast. Yet the simplicity of these ingredients is complicated by the intricate science of the bread-baking process and by the fact that bakers must contend with an ingredient that is alive and sensitive to its environment.


To make things right, the first step is to understand your ingredients better in creating the right mix which will set grounds for your loaf and other forms of breads to shape like the way you desire. At Nibs, though we follow the age old time consuming recipe of baking breads in a traditional way but in return we are sure of the delicious outcome which makes the breads perfect in taste.


Like an artist, each step needs to be carefully monitored to complete the masterpiece. Right from the process of kneading to rising and controlling the temperature of the baking oven, each step takes its time. Now comes the creative part of punching and shaping the loaf which takes it finally to the baking process. Since past many years, we have, through dedicated practice of baking, we have mastered the art of making French loafs and a variety of Garlic and herbs loaf.

Opting for a healthier version, we are specialists in baking multigrain and whole wheat breads which are seen in our Sandwich breads, Whole wheat burger buns and even a whole wheat pizza base.


Nibs Café and Bakers offers a variety of unique and bespoke in-house breads to choose from. Our breads include Jumbo White and Brown Bread, Multigrain Sandwich Bread, Whole Wheat Pizza Base, French Loaf, Garlic Loaf, Herbs and Garlic Loaf, Whole Wheat Loaf, Hot Dog Buns, Kulchas and more.


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