Importance of cakes in an Indian wedding

It’s that time of the year when you hear a lot of ‘shehnaais’ all over your city, there are traffic jams due to a ‘baraat’ dancing on the streets, art of lights that you see while you cross a marriage hall or a garden and whenever you visit your salon, there is atleast one bride-to-be or a bridal makeup keeping your stylist busy. Yes, it’s wedding season, that too, on its full swing!


And we all know how our big fat Indian weddings are meant to be, and they are like that forever. But yes, times are changing. And we see a lot of modernization in the way we celebrate our weddings in India. You might think how? We’ll tell you. For instance, a couple of years ago, you saw a lot of sweets piling up at the wedding house, these days you see exquisite chocolates replacing it. On the wedding day, citing another example, you now see a new tradition which is the hottest attraction on the D-Day- The ‘Cake-cutting ceremony’.

You might have travelled all around the world and tried a variety of palatable desserts but the art of Indian sweet feeding just does not fade away. Indian weddings are the perfect example of sweets acting better than money keeping in mind the frequency with which they are exchanged. Till now, cakes were comfortably taken as birthday starters or anniversary kickoffs. Well, not anymore!


Nowadays, cakes have slowly and very comfortably taken over as an indispensable part of D-Day ceremonies at the wedding and the bride and the groom wait anxiously for the ceremony since this is the only informal tradition where everybody celebrates the association of the two families in a very not-so-organized manner. Moreover, the wedding cakes are increasingly becoming extremely customized where there is a lot of thought that goes into while deciding the special cake for the duo. The entire activity in itself is a very fun-filled which wasn’t the case maybe a couple of years ago.


The growing numbers of pastry chefs and connoisseurs in the field has helped cakes in our country go popular. If you think making cakes is no rocket science, well you are wrong unless you work with NASA or ISRO. Cakes nowadays, especially wedding cakes, are a work of art and are no less than a fine artist working for a master piece. You don’t get second chances, as the cake you just had in the last wedding you went into, was either amazing or pathetic!

At Nibs, this is something which we have mastered over a period of time. After manifesting an array of chocolate desserts and varieties to cater to weddings and individuals such as bride and groom, we feel the cake segment nowadays has an emotional sentiment attached. Families are now taking cakes very seriously and we say so with respect to the requests we get for wedding cakes. With the involvement of not just families but the bride and the groom themselves, cakes have now established a vital essence to be a part of our BIG FAT Indian weddings after all